Introvert And Extrovert

Introvert vs Extrovert

Introvert and Extrovert Introverts are those persons who speak less, talk occasionally. Extroverts are those people who are talkative and can speak a lot anytime, anywhere. Extroverts …
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my lifestyle

Modern Thinking & Lifestyle

My Lifestyle Nowadays, we come across many instances where my lifestyle is discussed. Lifestyle means the way a person spends his/her life. It includes the schedule, food habits, …
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Passion Means

Passion and Profession

Passion means Passion means a feeling of extreme enthusiasm towards or outstanding interest for someone or something.It does not make you sleep at night. It is …
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Hobby Means


Hobby means Hobby means an activity that gives pleasure to oneself. Everybody in this universe is fond of some kind of entertainment which gives them happiness, …
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Unemployment In India

Unemployment in India

Unemployment in India Unemployment is a situation when a person is not employed, which means a person is not working. In present, unemployment in India is …
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