Corona Virus [COVID-19]

Coronavirus Outbreak

Nowadays, COVID-19 which is called coronavirus in general term is a hot topic. Wuhan city in China is the origin of this virus where the outbreak started in December. It is well known that Wuhan city is famous for its sea food.

Experts say that novel coronavirus is spread from seafood or it is spread from bats while others say that this virus is made by China itself in Wuhan Microbiology Laboratory and is leaked from an unknown source. Now in April, it has touched all continents except Antarctica on Earth. Everybody in this world is living in fear amid the outbreak of the corona pandemic.

Coronavirus Outbreak

Symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to other flu but there are some specific indications like fever, cough & difficulty breathing together which indicates that a person is suffering from coronavirus.

Symptoms come out after 14 days of infection. Infection is spreading by physical contacts like a handshake, saliva transmission by sneezing, coughing and contaminated hands can transfer the virus to the eyes, nose, and mouth.

First Stage

In the first stage of the Coronavirus outbreak, the disease does not spread locally. Infection is only found in those who have a travel history to those countries where viruses are already infection spread.

Second Stage

In the second stage of the coronavirus outbreak, coronavirus is spread from the local transmission. In this stage, family and friends of infected people come in contact with it, they might also get infected.

Coronavirus Outbreak

Third Stage

Community transmission is the third stage of the coronavirus outbreak. In this stage, infection is spreading very rapidly on an average of 100 infections/day. In this stage, the source of transmission is untraceable. This stage makes it difficult to break the chain of corona transmission.

Fourth Stage

It is the last stage of the coronavirus outbreak where larger outbreaks of local transmission happen. It is the extreme stage where the infection will spread in bulk around 1000 infections/day. It is seen that the government was also not able to control the situation even in developed countries like Italy, America, etc. Most of the deaths happen in this stage.

Most of the countries consider COVID-19 as a disaster. It has taken the lives of thousands of people and lakhs are infected throughout the world. The count is still on and nobody knows when it will stop. Most casualties are old people who were having other medical issues.

Coronavirus Outbreak

I was searching for answers to the question that came into my mind that what is making this coronavirus spread so fast. From my perspective, it’s a lack of awareness and carelessness.

Lack of Awareness

People do not know the seriousness of this problem. They do not understand the actual statistics about the virus’s life and the precautions they should take to keep them safe. Because of this, life is at risk for many people. The people who are aware should help these people understand the situation.

Some people know that they are infected or have the chance of infection as they traveled to the infected area. But then also, they are not maintaining social distancing. Even, they are hiding their travel history, their sickness.

People should be sensible enough to understand their social responsibility of keeping themselves and others safe. They should think that it will not only affect others but also their own family. They should take steps and get themselves tested and if found positive, then take medication. This will keep them and also other people alive.

Coronavirus Outbreak

Also, there are many myths that are circulating on social media platforms, in people’s minds. My suggestion is people should take their decision based on facts and should not sway with fake information. They should rely on facts from trusted sites like WHO. There are many helplines also which the government has started to help people, to solve their doubts on coronavirus.

The various advisory is published by WHO:

  • Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth without washing hands.
  • Use tissue paper or handkerchief while sneezing and coughing and dispose of it after use.
  • Avoid handshaking and close contact with any person.
  • Wash your hands many times a day with alcohol contained sanitizer or soap.
  • Avoid using dirty toilets or used toilets.
  • Maintain social distancing around 1 meter with anyone.
  • Please stay at home.
Coronavirus Outbreak

People around the world are in a panic situation as many of the countries have declared a complete lockdown of the country. Lockdown means nobody should come out of their houses without proper reason. All shops are closed except for the necessary items like pharmacy, grocery, and vegetable shops.

The most affected group from this lockdown are daily wage workers who work daily to earn and fill their stomachs. The government has made strategies to ill their stomach. Also, this lockdown has created anxiety in the people who are living away from their homes as they are facing many challenges in getting food, and also they are stressed about their family.

The whole world is in vain, everywhere there is negativity, everywhere there is fear. But there is positivity also, many people came forward to help others, providing food to needy people. The government has also taken many measures to control the situation, changed policies to make people feel relieved. Also, many people have recovered from this disease and scientists are trying their best to invent the medicine and vaccine for this disease.

Coronavirus Outbreak

COVID-19 outbreak will stop only and only when every single person on this planet will understand their responsibility and will act accordingly to keep themselves and others safe. People should maintain good hygiene, eat healthy foods to strengthen their immune systems. Wash hands frequently, maintain social distancing, be in respective homes, avoid going outside without reason, avoid meeting people, do exercise.

“Prevention is better than cure”

I just hope that the COVID-19 pandemic should end as soon as possible and people start living on Earth as before.