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Dream Meanings

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Dream meanings a word that describes a new world in which every desire comes true. Every human being whether sleeping or awake always thinks of the situation which can/should happen. When I was a child, I used to daydream of a fascinating situation that should happen to me. But, now when I think of those dreams, I feel like it was so childish.

Everybody in this world wants their dream should come true.

For some people, dream meanings are just the incidents that came during sleeping. For others, dream meanings are like they live to fulfill their dreams. We have no control over the dreams that comes while sleeping. But for the dreams, which we think of are our destinations which we want to achieve.

Dream Meanings

There is a popular saying that

“Dreams never comes true”

It is correct sometimes, we should work hard to achieve our goals rather than just daydreaming to make it true.

I have seen varieties of people in my life, some of whom achieved what they wanted to, some are struggling to get that and some have compromised with what they have. I have seen people compromising with their self-decided dreams and achieving things that destiny decides for them.

Some people will get everything that they want without doing anything. Some will get things in the right place with struggling, fighting for it. And some will not get anything after struggling a lot for them. That’s called fate.

I have a question in my mind. The people who achieved their dreams are satisfied with their life, are their no other dreams left which they want to get, have they achieved everything which they want from life.

I think the answer is no, the time we achieve one, we have another dream in the pipeline to achieve. Again a new set of challenges, struggle to sail.

Dream Meanings

The learning which I got till now from life is that human beings have so many expectations, desires, which can never be achieved fully. The only thing we can do is we should learn to be satisfied.

This does not mean that we should not dream big, it means we should be happy with what we achieved and celebrate that success and continuously try to achieve better.

Sometimes, people who did not get their dreams come true feel life has ended but it’s not like that, it was just a part of life not full.

In life, many ups and downs will come. We should fight with the challenges, it’s not that we will always win, sometimes we will lose and that will teach us an important lesson of lifting up after going down.

Everybody will get their share, nothing less nothing more.

“Let’s try to change fate with our hard work. Let’s see how much fate makes us run to achieve our dream. Either we will win or will learn a lesson”.

Dream Meanings

Point is:
Life is precious than any other thing than dreams also. If we are alive, then we can achieve anything. First, take care of yourself, make yourself ready, and fight for your dream meanings. It will come “jhak maar ke”.

If it did not comes, then see another dream and work to make it true. Either it will come true or it will add a memorable moment in your life. It’s not that we have only one achievable dream in our life. We have so much power that we never realize. Go for it.

“Live young, with fun, enjoy every moment of life and work to make it better”

The struggle to get our dream true and the outcome of actions in our life makes memories.


Dream Meanings

Memories are our experiences whether good or bad from the past. These are the treasures from the past which we always keep till we die. It reminds us about the depth of love which we got, the heights of sorrow which we suffered, the struggle which we fought throughout our life. Sometimes, it gives happiness, sometimes sadness.

Memories will be good when our dreams come true and will be bad when they did not. But there are other memories also whether good or bad about the things which give us the lesson of how to live a life, which teaches us the way of living life.

On remembering good memories, people feel happy and joyful.

Dream Meanings

But generally, we forget the good memories and remember bad happenings which give us pain and are the cause of our sorrows. A person should try not to get worried because of haunting memories and should think about how bravely we have passed that hurdle. In this way, we will not feel sad, fiery about the happenings from the past.

Memories make us remember the challenges we had experienced in the past and how we have overcome it and became successful in achieving what we have today.

We should not forget the past, but we should take lessons from the mistakes we had committed and should not repeat it. Always think ‘Today’ is the most precious day and work to make it full of joy, dream.

Experiment with new things in life to make it interesting. Set new goals so as to work for a reason/cause.

Dream Meanings

Do things which you like, so that when you see your life journey in the last innings of your lifetime, one should not regret that you have not tried to achieve your dreams. And this step will make your memories, the most adorable, the strongest source of happiness in your lifetime.

Don’t be frightened of failing. Take it as a lesson and again try.

“If a rope can make scars in stone, then we, the most intelligent species of the planet can do anything”

So, pull up your socks and be ready to face the challenges of life.