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Earth Planet

Earth planet is also known as Blue Planet. It is the third planet from the Sun in the solar system. Earth is the only planet in the solar system on which life exist. Life exist on earth because of air and water.

There are mainly three layers on Earth planet that is Crust, Mantle and Core. There are various layers of Earth’s atmosphere which are Troposphere, Stratosphere, Memosphere, Thermosphere and Exosphere. 

Problems on Earth

Due to human interference in atmosphere of Earth planet, various atmospheric consequences will happen. Various human activities like deforestation, construction, pollution causes the atmospheric condition changes and hazards like Tsunami and Tornado occurs.

Various pollutions of air, water, soil causes different health problems in humans like Aesthama, Diarrhea, Jaundice and various other respiratory problems. Humans pollute the Earth planet and pollution kills the Humans.

Earth planet

Due to deforestation, the percentage of carbon-dioxide in atmosphere increases because tree consumes carbon-dioxide in food making process (photosynthesis).

Due to deforestation, the average temperature of Earth is increasing day by day. Deforestation also causes the melting process of glaciers which also causes average increase in Ocean level day by day. Deforestation also causes soil erosion and it affects the production if crop.

Human also causes the release of Methane and Chlorofluorocarbon gas which causes ozone layer depletion due to which ultraviolet rays comes to Earth and is spreading various skin diseases including skin cancer.

Pollution spreaded by human also causes the rivers to be polluted because of adding pollutants and chemicals by humans. Rivers are also polluted by adding drainage water into it.

Rivers and lakes are the main source of fresh water for humans and animals but human also pollute it by their activities. River water also get contaminated when human consume this contaminated water which causes various digestion problem and diseases like jaundice.

Earth planet

Due to human interfere with atmosphere and due to various human activities, various new diseases spread in every 100 years and lakhs of people died with it. In 1720, Plague outbreak causes death of thousand of people.

In 1820, Cholera pandemic becomes the reason of death of tons of people. In 1920, Spanish flu infects about 500 million people about quarter of the population at that time. In 2020, Covid-19 spread and infects lakhs of people and due to this death rate increases day by day. 

All the pandemic is the result of human interference with nature.If we want to avoid such pandemic, we have to improve our living style and stop interfering with nature. 

Human always have the habit to always take from nature, we rarely contribute to the nature. Because of this, nature’s exploitation and hazard and pandemic occur. If we contribute to the nature like planting trees, control our pollution level, stop cementing land use water wisely and stop digging earth for various resources.

Ocean pollution is also a great problem during current days. Plastic/polythene is dumped into the ocean causes the water get polluted and aquatic life is greatly affected with it. Beaches are covered with polythene, it not only looks ugly but also pollute land as well.

Earth planet

It is well known that plastic/polythene takes more than 500 years to decompose. Until it decompose, it pollute the place where it is kept. Plastic even settle at the bottom of the ocean and kills the aquatic animals with their chemicals.

Human give birth to nuclear waste/radioactive waste. As we know that radioactive material are used in medical field and also in defense sector. Nuclear waste also spread various fatal diseases.

It is uncured in nature and radioactive waste takes minimum 1000 years to decompose. Until it is decompose, it spread radioactive toxins and rays  which causes various diseases. Now a days, these radioactive waste is dumped in ocean in sealed container but there may be the chances of leakage of these wastes and causes pollution and occurrence of various fatal diseases.

Medical waste decomposition is also a big problem now a days. Medical syringe, injection and other waste needs to be carefully decomposed. But there are chances to get infected with these type of waste if we come in direct contact with it.

This may give fatal diseases to individual who get infected. Various virus generated diseases, microbal diseases and Aids like diseases can be caused from these medical waste.

Earth planet

Industrial waste is also the major problem for pollution. Thermal power plants and other industries releases gases like No2 and So2 in atmosphere which not only pollute the air but also causes respiratory diseases in humans.

Chemical industry release their chemical waste in rivers which get dissolve in water and affects the aquatic life. It not only kills the water animals but also cause various skin and digestive disease in humans.

Fertilizer also cause pollution. When farmers use this fertilizer in their crop, it get dissolve in soil and it will make the land barren in future if it is not used proper quantity. Fertilizer also get dissolved in crop and when an individual consume that crop, individual may suffer from various digestive diseases.

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