Festivals of India

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Festival, only from its name it generates the feeling of joy, happiness, enjoyment, and India is the land of festivals. Festivals of India are celebrated from the heart. India itself is a deity whom the whole country worships. India is rich in the festival because people of different religions live here harmoniously.

Here, God has many names. In every region, people worship different forms of god and so are festivals of India, unique, special, having some belief for each of them, and giving some message for mankind.
Some of the major festivals of India are:

  1. Diwali – Diwali is a festival that lights up the whole environment. People make or bought ‘mitti’ diyas and lighten up them on this auspicious day. It has the message of good power defeating evil. When Shri Ram after defeating Ravana comes back to Ayodhya, people celebrated that moment, and since ancient times, this ritual continues.
  2. Holi – Holi is a festival of colours. People celebrate this day by putting colours on each other. This festival shows the true worship of Prahlad towards Lord Vishnu and how the Lord saves Prahlad when Holika sits on fire with him.
Festivals Of India
  1. Makar Sankranti – Uttrayan, Khichdi are some other names of this festival. On this day, people fly kites in the sky. It is the actual new year of Hindu, they make ’til ladoos’ on this day. This is the start of a new agriculture cycle.
  2. Raksha Bandhan – Raksha Bandhan is a festival where sisters tie ‘Rakhi’ on their brother’s hand with a wish that this will keep their brother safe and brother’s in turn brother swear to protect their sister. This shows the true bond between brother and sister.
  3. Janmashtami – Krishna Janmashtami will be the more specific phrase to describe this festival as Lord Krishna took birth on this day. This day depicts the birth of a Lord to end up evil from this earth.

6.Ganesh Chaturthi – Ganesh Chaturthi is a day when Lord Ganesha took birth. This is celebrated for 10 days with idols installed in pandals, homes, and on the last day ‘visarjan’ of the idol happens in the pond, lake, etc.

Festivals Of India
  1. Navratri – Navratri the festival celebrated for 9 days worshiping various forms of Goddess Durga. People play Dandia, Raas Garba in these 9 days. Every day is the day of a specific form of Goddess. Some people do fasting for these 9 days.
  2. Dusherra – Dusherra is celebrated for the day when Lord Rama killed Ravana. On this day, Ramlila is played depicting the story. People burn handmade Ravana every year on this day showing the victory of good over evil and the firecracker is burnt.
  3. Durga Pooja – Durga Pooja is celebrated for 10 days and on the last day Dusheera is celebrated. People worship Goddess Durga in this festival.
  4. Maha ShivratriMaha Shivratri is celebrated by worshipping Lord Shiva by offering him dhatura, milk, and favorite Bel Patra. It is an important festival for women to get marital bliss.
  5. Chhath – Chath is a festival where Lord Sun is worshipped. This is a festival where Lord Sun is given ‘ardhya’ for the evening and another day in the morning. Devotees do fasting also at this time.
  6. Pongal – On Pongal people burn bonfires, wear traditional attire, make sweets. It is the thanksgiving to nature for the first harvest made in the year.
  7. Christmas – Christmas is celebrated as on this day Lord Jesus took birth. All churches are lit up and children wait for the gift from Santa.
Festivals Of India
  1. Eid-ul-Fitr- This is a festival where people meet their relatives, friends, and exchange sweets. Children get idi from elders.
  2. Baisakhi – Baisakhi is celebrated as the first harvest season of Rabi crops. People present dance forms like Gidda and Bhangra.
  3. Basant Panchami – Goddess Sarawati is worshipped on this day, it is an important day where people worship the Goddess of Knowledge.
  4. Govardhan Pooja – Annakut Pooja is another name of this festival. This is celebrated as a day when Lord Krishna defeated God of Rain ‘Indra’.
  5. Bhai Dooj – Bhai Dooj is another festival that depicts the special bond between brother and sister. On this day sister put tika on the brother’s forehead and give them gifts with a pray for the protection of the brother and the brothers bless their sister.

This is a small list of festivals that I recognize, there is no need for this list and India is a land of festivals where people celebrate days with joy and happiness.

” The reflection of a culture can be found in celebrations “

” Festivals are like diagram demonstrating our otherworldly advancement in God “

” Festival happens when the mind joins with the soul “

” Celebration comes when the regular highlights of happiness are recovered ”