Introvert and Extrovert

Introverts are those persons who speak less, talk occasionally. Extroverts are those people who are talkative and can speak a lot anytime, anywhere.

Extroverts get the advantage of their habit as it will help in increasing their social network. They easily mingle with others which can help in their bad times. Usually, they have a lot of friends and are always surrounded by persons.

Generally, introverts have a small friend circle, but those are the special ones for them. They are not social persons and want to remain alone and enjoy the company with themselves only.

Introvert And Extrovert

Some people say that an extrovert person is better than an introvert because the extrovert person expresses their feelings whether good or bad in front of others. One way it is good that they release their frustration outside and get relaxed. They will not get tensed and will be free from any diseases. But sometimes this frustration also hurts other people that much that it can end their relation also. So, an extrovert person should take care of this aspect also while speaking.

Now, speaking of an introvert, their habit of not speaking much is good as they will speak less which will decrease the chances of hurting others. But due to their habit, as they do not express their feelings openly, it leads to tension, aggression within themselves resulting in depression which can be life-threatening. Also, this can attract different diseases to grab them.

But, sometimes people behave inverse of their nature like some introvert persons become more dangerous because usually they do not speak but when speaking in some instances, it stunned everybody. Also, unlike their behavior, sometimes extroverted people remain silent when things go out of control for them.

Introvert And Extrovert

Introvert and Extrovert is just a behavior. It can be changed with time. According to the research on their mind, it is clear that Introvert and Extrovert minds work differently, that is why Introvert and Extrovert have different behavior. The extrovert mind works more actively and fastly than the Introvert while the introvert mind is slow to respond to any situation.

Introvert rarely share their feelings and emotions with anyone, they have more chances to get depressed if they are struggling with any situation for a long time.

Introvert habits

Introvert And Extrovert
  • They like to live in loneliness.
  • Introverts are always in reserve mode. They do not like to start the talk or conversation from their side.
  • They always try to get hidden in the crowd and don’t want to get the attention of anyone.
  • They believe in limited relationships, they have limited friends either one or two and they are very closed even with friends.
  • Introverts think a lot before they speak. They always think about the consequences before saying anything.
  • When they got hurt, they need lots of time to come out of it.
  • They like to work independently and lonely, where no one disturbs them in their work.
  • Introvert’s interest is also limited, they think deeply about it and focus on their specific interest.

Extrovert habits

Introvert And Extrovert
  • They are connected to a large number of people. They are socially very active and have a large friend circle. They always try to get the attention of anyone and love to get appreciated
  • They always think boldly and try to implement it without caring about the consequences.
  • Extroverts are known for their strong decision-making and problem-solving capacity.
  • They always feel confident and joyful when they are surrounded by people.
  • They are very positive and have a curiosity to learn new things and take challenges.
  • Extroverts like to work in a team and are open to everyone.

So, the conclusion is a both introvert and extrovert person should have to take care of themself, respect other’s feeling, that person will have a good, healthy, and peaceful life.