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Nowadays, we come across many instances where my lifestyle is discussed. Lifestyle means the way a person spends his/her life.

It includes the schedule, food habits, wealth, health in day to day life of a person. Generally, we say nowadays my lifestyle has become very fast.

What does that means, it means that nowadays people are lost somewhere while running in the chase of life and are unable to cope up with the pace of life. In the old golden days, people were calm, having peace while spending their life.

They had little money, had to do a lot of hard work, but we’re happy. They were satisfied with what they had. Compared to nowadays, people are not happy even though they achieved a lot more than before.

There is a greed for achieving more than what they have. People are unsatisfied with what they have, making them run to get some more resulting in fast life.

My Lifestyle

Every person is comparing themselves with another person to calculate whether they are in profit or loss compared to others. Comparison is not a bad thing, it sets up a goal for a person and motivates them to achieve it. But it becomes bad when people start taking these things in their hearts which results in the breaking of relationships.

Now, people think more about status, try to uplift their living standard to show how rich they are, how much success they have achieved. Nowadays, doing the show off is very common.

People who do so are considered as good people and the rest others are considered out of society. Society does not accept this type of individual which is wrong. It’s just that they want to live their life peacefully without showing off as they have other important work to do.

But people consider them as rebels, they try to make their life hell without any reason, just because they are not like them showing off. This is the current lifestyle of the majority of people in society.

My Lifestyle

Some people say, in the new generation, people are greedy, want always more. All is true. The new generation has to be greedy to get the things on their plate as with so much competition, one has to be competent enough to survive in the world. But it does not mean that in greed one should hurt others, hurt humanity.

In the present world, everybody comes across instances where humanity is compromised and we all are evidence of that. Sometimes we raise our voice against it, sometimes we remain silent.

When it comes to oneself, then one will be fighting, but when it comes to fighting for others, everybody raises their hands up as nobody cares about others.

This is the present lifestyle of individuals. Unlike these days, there were old days where people took a stand for others, there was brotherhood, people were mature and understanding enough to solve issues.

My Lifestyle

Now with the technological enhancement, the mindset of people is degrading resulting in the increasing numbers of crimes. This is really heartrending to see how society has become so rude, unfair, biased toward people.

Now friendship has also become a puppet of greed. People make friends get some benefit, not like the old days in which they were ready to sacrifice their life for each other without any greed.

But it’s not that this situation cannot be changed, if mankind adapts good habits, try to change their thinking process, then the present situation can be changed.

But apart from all this, even in today’s world humanity has not died. There are still some people who care for others, who do things for others without hope of getting something in return.

My Lifestyle

These are the persons who are pillars of society that have kept it to stand instead of all the bad happenings of today’s world.

The lifestyle of these kind people is the right my lifestyle, one should follow to be happy, feel satisfied in life.

And also by adapting this good lifestyle, we can achieve peace, happiness which people were enjoying in the past. So, signing off with this thought that we will gradually try to change our mindset and lifestyle to get satisfaction and peace in life.