Parents meaning

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Parents meanings the caretakers who take care of and fulfill all the needs of their children. When a couple becomes parents, this is the ultimate feeling of their life. The mother and father are the reason for the existence of their child. When a child is born, the mother takes care of her child in the context of feeding, care, cleanliness (child is not able to clean itself), health, and hygiene.

Father also supervises the caring of their child and helps the mother in her work. As the child is growing up, the responsibility of parents will increase and they have to be more caring about their child. Parents’ meanings are very vast in reality.

Parents Meaning

Parenting life is very struggling in nature. Parents have to fulfill each and every need of the child until their child will stand up on his own legs.
As the child grows up to the age of 5, their activities and naughtiness raise, and parents have to control it and teach him good etiquette so that children will become mannerful in the future.

When a child is under the age of 5, parents should be patient so that they treat their child with parents and care.
At this age, about 60% of the brain development of a child occurs. At this age, activities from crying to cheering, crying to insist to get something, from child fight to sorry afterward. Parent’s meanings are very vast.

“Children are the responsibility of parents”

When the child is between the ages of 5 to 14, they are very curious in nature. They always try to learn new things and want to do things my own. At this age, children learn manners from school and from their parents. At this age, adolescence in the body change may appear. They make friends, respect the elders, learn new things, and also have an interest in extracurricular activities. They are able to feel emotions like happiness and sadness, cruelty, and calming down. They do things with courage.

Parents Meaning

Parents have to make sure the protection of children and keep them away from bad people and habits. It is also the responsibility of parents to make them mannerful. When the child reaches the age of 18, it is the responsibility of parents to keep them away from the wrong path, wrong parents, and wrong manners.

At this age, children become adults and fall in love or have an attraction to anyone. Love is blind. They think that they fall in love but actually, it is attractive and they do blunder a mistake in their life. Parents have to invigilate their child in the context of what they are doing, about their friend circle, where they go, and what are their likes and dislikes. Invigilating their own child, a question arises whether the parents don’t believe in their child

. Answer is

“Trust on anyone is a good thing but blindly trust on anyone is a worst thing”

Parents Meaning

When the adult reaches the age between 21 to 25, their parents search for the life partner that will best be suited for their child. It is the responsibility of parents to search for the best match for their child. It is also the responsibility of parents to do the marriage of their child and help their child to settle down.

“The child becomes adult by time but it always is a child for parents”

Parents guide their child about their marriage life and parents always help when child ask to help. Parents give everything to their child from helping to support, money to wealth, from knowledge to encouragement.

“It is the responsibility of the child to realize what their parents have done for him”

Parents Meaning

As time passing, parents become older in age and need help and support from their children. They don’t want to become a burden on their child and try to do their work by own as possible. The child becomes parents and understands the responsibilities and also come to comes to know what their parents had done for it.

As we know that in old age, elders suffer from various old age diseases. Adults have to ensure the best medical facility for elders and regular checkups to make them healthy and disease-free. Adults also have the responsibility to support their parents in

daily activities like walking, talking.

Adults also can ask elders about their health condition, making them feel happy and pass their time to avoid getting bored. Adults can also take real-life suggestions from their parents as they have whole life experiences. They’re the perfect adviser for adults.

Parents Meaning

As in the last stage of parents, their condition is like the child, adults have to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of their parents. In this stage of life, parents are like a child who needs support and helps with everything.

“In old stage, Parents become child and Child becomes parents”

“In this way parenting continues from generation to generation and never ends”