Passion and Profession

Passion means

Passion means a feeling of extreme enthusiasm towards or outstanding interest for someone or something.
It does not make you sleep at night. It is something that makes you go beyond the limits. When you get small success in it, your willingness of exploring things drastically increases.
It is like a lion taste the blood. You can be passionate about anything and there is no limited age to discover it. Passion gives you extreme satisfaction and always makes you alive.

Passion Means

There is a huge difference between passion and profession. The profession is a job that we do to earn money to fulfill our needs but passion is something that we do with our interest and it would be great when passion comes together with a career.

Principles of career

The 3 C’s principles of career are Chances,  Choices, and Changes.

Chances – Opportunities that you get to make your dreams come true.

Choices – When you choose the way towards your passion and career.

Changes – When you are living your passion your life is totally changed.

It’s never too late to find your dreams and live your passion. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is  who you are, what is your interest, where you want to reach

The world has changed its vision towards  ‘Passion vs Profession’ to ‘Passion and Profession’. People adopt the ability to learn from anything and trying to get the best out of it. Information is present everywhere, it is all up to us how we explore things and learn from them.

Passion Means

The lack of learning support is not the reason for a person’s success. People are creating examples going out of the limits in their field of interest proving the traditional path of success to be optional but belief in one’s interest and dedication is compulsory.

Passion is not a thing that can be changed with time and situation, it exists in your heart until you are alive and you can fight against the world for it. Passion means the forever feeling and if it lasts after some time, then it is only your interest, not your passion.

Some people spend their whole life as a professional but not able to identify their passion. Those persons are lucky who early identify their passion and make their passion their profession.

Passion Means

A question arises, can we earn money by making passion our profession. The answer is yes, we can but it requires complete dedication. When you start walking in this way, you find lots of hurdles and obstructions in its way.

Working consistently without expecting anything is the key to get success. Working consistently doesn’t mean that you get success on the first attempt, you have to do a number of attempts to get success. Patience is the key source to successfully complete your work.

When you do your passionate work with complete dedication and patience, you will convert your passion with the profession and generate revenue from it.

Passion Means

But it is not so easy as it sounds. You have to do many sacrifices for it in terms of working hard, leave your laziness, leave your entertainment sources for passing time, use your spare time to get the best out of it, remove your ego and ask your family and friends for help,

If you are working in some profession, try to do something that you are passionate about in your spare time. I am not saying that leave all your work and responsibilities and get engaged in passion, I mean that passion is something that you can follow with your daily routines life that makes you feel calm and happy.

“Only those are alive who live their passion”