Please Help Me

Before we start, there is a ‘Good News‘ for you. We introduce a chat platform that offers genuine suggestions through chat and the most amazing thing about the chat platform is absolutely ‘Free‘.

Let’s Start. I know that you are in trouble. You have tried all your ideas, implemented all the options to get out of it but the problem is still there.

When we get trapped in some situation and struggle for long in searching for ways to get out of it but still remain without a solution, then it becomes quite frustrating to handle. I appreciate your patience and hope that you held up till now. Put worries aside and relax because I am here to help you.

Inputting “Please Help Me” in the search bar shows your point of the urgency of the situation. I understand you are undergoing a difficult phase of life and handling everything with little hope that life will become better one day.

One thing we have to memorize “Everything is unpredictable in this world”. As everything is temporary and will change with time. Difficulties and happiness are also temporary. When we face one of them, then we should keep in mind that another will replace one after some time, and the whole phase repeats forever in life.

When we face any problem, we think it is the biggest problem that anyone would have faced in their life. But at that time we should look at those who have the worst resources to get help, have no one who cares about them but still, they are struggling for a better future.

When we are happy in our life and all of our work goes in the right way, we should be thankful to God but generally, we don’t do this and when the problem will come, we say “Please help me God”.

See, “Problem is another name of life” and we have to face it and accept the reality of life. Problems are nothing but a crucial situation that demands patient decision-making. But we usually panic in that situation and mess up everything and get stuck in it.


The enjoyment feeling that makes us feel good, energetic, joyful, pleasure, and satisfied is called happiness. It may be natural and artificial. It would not be wrong to say that happiness is our comfort zone and we always want to stay in it. Even we expect the same from everyone.

But life is not as simple as it looks like. Everyone has a different perception, way of thinking, and mindset.  Never expect anything from anyone even if he/she belongs to your family because if they fail to fulfill your expectations then you feel hurt and try to take revenge for it.

Expectations actually mean the control that you want over everyone and you want everything to happen according to you.

Five things that matter in our life

  1. Education
  2. Source of earning
  3. Family
  4. Society
  5. Happiness

Remember, all the problems originate from these sources and we will try to give all the possible solutions for them.

1. Education – This is the first and basic need of any human to survive on Earth. Reading and writing are fundamental to education. Education is the right of every human who exists on Earth. Education is the backbone of society.

Education is a weapon that kills all the evil present within humans. It helps an individual to know their flaws and rectify it by themselves and helps in becoming a better human. When we are talking about the quality of life, education proves to be a game-changer.

Learning is a lifetime process and we can learn from anything.

Education reduces the poverty of the country and helps individuals to become economically strong. It helps an individual to develop perception and a positive attitude. A positive mind tackles the situation in a positive way and chances of crime gets reduced. Illiteracy is the main cause of terrorism.

Illiterate people face difficulty in finding the difference between right and wrong and become the soft target. An educated person always follows Law and Order and has a better option for their career and they also understand their responsibility towards society and contribute to developing it even better.

2. Source of earning – Source of earning or job is a must for fulfilling the needs of family and own. Money is the basic and ultimate requirement for the existence of life on Earth. Food, Clothes, and Shelter are the basic requirements of every human which are fulfilled only by money.

Money is the thing that is making human beings behave inhumanly as it gives power and everybody wants to be powerful.

Many people in this world are actually poor and they pray to God- ‘please help me I need money’. They are the people who actually know the real value of money and the meaning of poverty.

Now many people are going on the wrong path to earn money which is not correct as it will give short-term happiness but it will also give long-term sadness as someday you will realize that whatever you have earned came from the tears of an innocent person. That will ruin your inner peace which is the most important in everybody’s life and even more important than money.

But many people are struggling to earn by working on the correct path. We should encourage and help these people to let them realize that they are sailing their life in the correct direction and one day surely they will achieve their dream.

3. Family – The existence of every human being in this world starts with a family in their life. They are facing all difficulties of life to give comfort to their family, to fulfill their needs so that family will be happy.

Every person on this planet is working, struggling, fighting, earning just for their family so that they will be safe, and will get everything they want. When a family member asks for help- ‘please help me I need help’, then the whole family puts their work aside and stands up for their help.

Today for family, one will fight with anybody because in the end only family matters as they will only help in one’s hard time, will encourage one. If the family is supportive, then one can achieve anything and will be happy but if the family is unhappy then all achievements will go in vain as there will be nobody to share happiness, to appreciate you, to double up your achievement.

In fact, in this world, many people earn so that they can start their family and many are earning for their family only. In my eyes, the family is the one which gives a person purpose to live a life. A person whose family is happy will be happy forever.


4. Society – Society is the one that interferes with the person’s life every time whether it is happiness or sadness. Society should double the happiness and halve the sadness of the individual. But nowadays society is harming more than doing anything good. In the modern world, society has become the puppet of wealthy people.

Most of the people of society follow the path which is led by rich people, believing in only doing show off and increasing the difference between rich and poor. When an individual at a public place asks for help- ‘somebody help me please’, nobody comes up for their help, all remain mute spectators. This is the reality of society.

Now, society comprises people who are having similar thought processes, following sheep paths, and doing show off. People who are in the correct path, not following the sheep path, leading simple life away from show-off tactics and the main point who is not working as per the so-called society will be left alone, will be scolded in public, will face back bitching, will not be befriended, will not get any help in their hard time, in short, will be left to die alone.

My suggestion is as per today’s condition, one should not think much about society. You should follow your dream and try hard to achieve it and once you achieve it, you will see society is following you.

5. Happiness – Every person in this world wants to be happy. Happiness, family, earning, society, education all are interrelated. Education makes a person capable of earning money in society for their family to make them happy. Happiness is the ultimate key which is the reward of every struggle.

But to experience happiness, we should not always depend on materialistic things. To enjoy true happiness, one should be spiritual so that they can experience it every time in their life. People should feel happy in every situation of life whether it is struggle or achievement of a goal. And this will come when you have inner peace, satisfaction. So, one should be spiritual to experience happiness in every phase of life.

Also, by having inner happiness, one will have a positive attitude and will be encouraged to work hard to fulfill their dreams. And definitely with that one will achieve desired goals and will get forever happiness along.

As explained above Education, Source of earning, Money, Society, Happiness are integral parts of our day-to-day life. And a major part of the problems in our life arises from it. Some of the common problems which we face in our life are listed below. If you are facing a similar problem in your life and need any help, then we are here to help you. So, come and chat with us to find the solution.

Your problems can be:

  • Job: Are you worried about your job? Are you facing issues in your life as you are not having a job? Are you tired of searching for a job and have tried many options but still not found any?
  • Study: Want to study more but not having enough knowledge on what to study, having many doubts about career options.
  • Life: Are you frustrated from life and don’t find the reason to live anymore?
  • Relationship: Are you frustrated because of relationship problems?
  • Love: Is your affection one-sided or want to understand how it actually works?
  • Family: Having issues related to family, not able to handle situations while living with family.
  • Kids: Are you new to parenting, need guidance for different age groups of kids.
  • Social: Facing issues while tackling people, annoyed due to comments from society.
  • Health: Are you facing health issues due to some diseases and want to get cured as soon as possible?
  • Money: Are you saying- ‘someone please help me financially’? Do you have a lack of money and want to earn a lot in a small period of time?
  • Happiness: Why do you find happiness in another place which is already inside you.
  • Dream: Whatever we dream either with close or open eyes, does it come to reality?
  • Success: Do you feel the taste of success and want to reach the supreme level of it?
  • Failure: Do you worked hard and applied all the efforts but did not get any positive results?
  • Unemployment: Are you searching for a source of employment? Don’t search it, just create it.
  • Hobby: Like to do something in your spare time and want to earn some money from it.
  • Passion: Do you have the zeal to do specific things? Why don’t you pursue your passion as a profession?
  • Lifestyle: Are you always following the right way to do anything but still you are facing problems due to unusual reasons?
  • Mental status: Are you saying- ‘please help me with my depression’? Are you depressed and want to come out of it?
  • Confidence: Do you feel a lack of confidence and always have fear in mind?
  • Strength: Do you think that a muscular body or social connection is your strength?
  • Conspiracy: Do you think that people around you planning something wrong to make their work?
  • Workplace: Do you notice that your colleague is feeling jealous of your success at the workplace. Why?
  • Fortune: Do you believe in fortune?
  • Perception: Every human has a different perception and behavior. Do you know why some people are rude and some are polite?
  • Beauty: Does fair and dark are the definition of beauty?
  • Religion: What do you think that religion makes us weak or strong?
  • Friends: I know you have many friends but do you think that they are actually your friends or just colleagues.
  • Business: Noone is your relative in the business.
  • Education: Education is necessary for all. It is the basic fundamental right of every human. Can it become a curse?
  • Sports: Sports are free. Can it become the alternative of education or chosen as a profession.
  • Terror: Terrorism is related to an individual or a mentality?
  • Cinema: Cinema is the mirror of society. Now society is becoming a mirror of cinema!
  • Insensitivity: People impose their thoughts on others and don’t try to understand their perceptions.

A good suggestion can even change your life.

You can also discuss any other personal problems through chat.

Social work

When we serve someone with an intention to help without any selfishness in mind is social work. It demands lots of compromises and consistent working to make changes in society. Where there is social work, there is no space for profit because the soul meaning of social work is to help others without expecting anything in return.

The brutal fact of life is when you try to do something good, rather than to appreciate your work, people start opposing and become a barrier to it. Instead of being nervous, an individual should have to bypass the problem and work continuously without expecting the result.

We are social workers. We choose social work as a profession. We have pledged to help needy people. We always try to solve every problem that is asked by people. We choose social work as a will to help people. We try to reach the maximum crowd so that they also get benefited from our services.

This is only possible when you tell about this website to your family and friends, share it with natives and relatives, and ping it to anyone you care about. This website services have the potential to make a difference.

We offer premium suggestions free of cost. We never ask for money, but we accept donations from those who willing to appreciate our work. We invest those donations in generating resources. We feel glad to tell you that this website is self-funded and all the resources are arranged by themselves. Whatever we do is not for any individual, we do it for the betterment of humanity.

We have developed this website for public welfare so that common people will get benefits free of cost. In everybody’s life, there will be some situations where help is required in the form of suggestions, guidance from another person. So there we are, to help people in situations where they are trapped and not getting directions to follow in life.

And all this is available free of cost and also individual privacy is maintained while they are availing our services. Our goal is to provide benefit to a needy person and their happiness and satisfaction are our inspiration to work. That is why we have designed this website which is easy to use and user-friendly to provide help to every needy people.

But in India, there are lots of social work organizations that show off their work as social service but they are actually making money undercover. They try to trap people with sympathy and cheat them and ran out with the money.

They are actually frauds and have made it their business. Nowadays, family members and friends are also doing the same thing. They do conspiracy and try to hurt your sentiment and grab your money and property.

We strongly hate those guys who cheat people and take advantage of their situation. Trust on someone is a good thing but blind trust is most dangerous.

That is why we offer a platform through which user can ask their queries and get their respective answers in real-time. We also take care of user’s privacy that is why we never ask about any personal information, even our chat is housed on encrypted servers to make our conversation secure and private.

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