Problem & Solution

Problem and solution is a very vast topic. I am lighting on some important points of it.


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A problem is a situation that stands as an obstacle in a way of something from getting achieved. The problem holds the people in a situation where an individual’s mind gets stuck in it.

Problem Solving

Instead of finding the reason for the problem, every individual always tries to find a solution to the problem. Finding the solution to solve the problem temporarily and the problem again comes with more complexity.

Problem Solving

“Finding the reason for the problem is the permanent solution to any problem”

Every human being is surrounded by various problems in their life. Some have relation problems, money problems while others have various other difficulties. Everyone is living their life and facing problems side by side. Some tight their belt and fight with the problem while others accept the problem as their forcedness. Sometimes the problem causes fear. In our life, many of the situations come where the problem is very small but we got feared.

“Fear is not a situation, it is a mental condition”

When we understand the reason for the problem later, then we come to know that the reason we were afraid is not the reason to get feared.

Pros of problems :

Problem Solving
  • The problem teaches the great lessons of life.
  • When we face problems and get solutions by own, we will become self-confident.
  • “Necessarily is the mother of Innovation.”
  • “Real friend is only identified in trouble.”
  • “Problem alive the spirit of never give up.”
  • Make the man problem-solving in nature.

The solution to a problem is temporary as long as you keep giving up things. But when you fight/struggle with the problem without losing confusion, and courage, then you will get the solution. Problems are necessary for our life. Until you face it, you will not get knowledge or learning from the problems.

“Always learn from problems. Problem is the best teacher”

Some of the problems are unidentified. We should let this problem leave for god because god is the ultimate controller of problems and their solution.
In our life, we should put our efforts on and keep facing problems and be problem-solving and never give up.


Problem Solving

The solution is a situation where the problem ends and desires are achieved.

“Where there is a problem, there should be a solution”

“Solution always gives satisfaction and calmness”

A point to be noted that the solution to any problem should be focused on the reason for the problem. Working only on the problem is a temporary solution. Working on the reasons for the problem is a permanent solution. Problems come with solutions, it is up to you how we tackle them or how early we identify the solution. Try to become problem-solving in nature.

Problem Solving

In our life, we find some solutions to problems very early even if we don’t expect it. This is because it depends on the strategy of solving problems.

“Problem is the opportunity in the way of problem

In our life, sometimes we face a problem that is not solved even we try hard for it. In this situation, we can take help from family and friends to get out of this situation.
Many people make giving suggestions/solutions to any problem as a profession.

“A good suggestion may change your life”

Suggestions given by any person should be based on facts and figures and given after the overall analysis of the problem.
A good advisor is one who completely analyzes the problem and thinks about all possible solutions. Then, serve the most suitable solution according to the situation.

Sometimes problems are due to unknown causes. We work hard to get a solution, but we get nothing. Sometimes we should ignore the problem, with time problem will automatically get solved.
Problem and solution are the two ends of a string, one is incomplete without another. When you hold one end of the string, you can reach out to the other. The problem leads to curiosity in the mind of individuals and those who struggle with it will get the solution definitely.

The nature of the solution is temporary or permanent depending upon how you solve the problem. If you solve the problem in an ordinary way like others, your solution is temporary and your problem may occur again and again. If you work on the reasons for the problem, then your solution is permanent and the problem may not occur again.

To live life in an easy way, we must know about the right way to live it.

Problem Solving

The right ways are:

  • Never lie
  • Be honest
  • Forgive others
  • Help others
  • Donate to those who really need it
  • Positive thinking
  • Be confident
  • Have patience
  • Be curious
  • Be social