Everyone in this busy world are trapped-in with some problem. That’s why we are here to solve such real-life problem with genuine solution. This website is totally dedicated to suggestion and knowledge(by blogging).
We suggest to all age groups from teenager to elders according to their problems. We give suggestions on all topics like love, relation, social, education, real life problems exclude legal suggestions.
We offer one to one suggestion so that each individual get valuable suggestion within a small period of time.
Suggestion process is completely free of cost and genuine in nature.



We write blogs to aware our users about existing & upcoming problems of life and also educate them about the solution of it.
We write blog on topics which are related to the problem of individual’s life.
Our blogs not only guide people but also help them to solve their real life problems.
Our blogs not only educate people but also aware about real life scenarios.

Passionate about blogging? We invite you to write blog and we will publish your content with your name in our website.



Website Development is a very vast field. We are very honest on saying that we offer website development for small business and personal websites only.
When any client contact us for website development. Firstly, we ask about the purpose of website and then, we provide the basic idea of the website how it will be. According to the purpose of the site, we suggest all possible layout/design & functionalities for the website.
After the design is finalized, we dicuss about the theme selection, page builder selection and other requirement for the website.
We feel glad to develop fully customized, fully responsive and completely optimised website for our clients.

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Frequently Asked Question

Suggestion is the idea for solution of any problem. It can help to tackle the existing problem. It is bilateral in nature.

Suggestion process may take some time to respond. Those users who can wait for some time, this is totally free. Those users who want instant answer, our upcoming ‘Instant Answering’ feature will charge fair fees for it.

We give suggestion on all the topics exclude legal one. Topic include love, relation, social, education, real life problems, job, marriage, hobby, individual  and many more.

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