Siblings means the individual who have one or both common parents. Sibling includes both brother and sister. They share a very special relationship between them. Siblings can be of same age or can have difference in age.

Sibling relation

Sibling are brother and sister in relation. Sibling of same age have better understanding towards each other. This is because they grow up and live together, this makes them understand better.

“Sibling relationship are very pure in nature”


They helps each other in their works, share their feelings towards each other, solve each other’s problems. The cuteness of their relation is understand by their fighting for small things but reunite with same intensity as fighting.

Sibling with difference in age groups, elder educate the younger about the realities of the life and helps the younger if stuck somewhere. Elder always support and motivate younger in doing things and also make them away from bad people and things

Sibling are emotionally connected with each other. If one is not happy, then other automatically understand about emotions and try to make other feel happy. They also understand each others problem and suggest its solution without asking each other.


Sibling belong to same age group also helps each other in their real life education. Elder teach their younger and guide them for the preparation of their exam of life. Another advantage of having the same age siblings is

“They can understand each other without saying anything”

or their way of thinking is quiet same. Sibling of same age group are like friends. They fight, play, share things and care each other. They share most of the moments that happened in their life. Siblings belonging to same age group are like partners, they also negotiate with each other for something for example one say- what you will do for me or what you will give me if I do this, then another also say the same thing.


Sibling relationship are the most beautiful relationship in this world. Male sibling that is brother cares about his sister about their safety and protection. It is the responsibility of the brother to ensure the safety and security of his sister.

In India, a festival called Rakshabandhan which is dedicated for sister’s safety. In this festival, sister tie a strip on the hand of brother and brother promise the sister that he ensure her safety for whole life. Sister also have strength to stop all the hurdles at her before reaching to her brother.

Sibling having difference in age, love but dominates the younger one. The younger have to follow the things that mention by elder. In some cases, younger one’s are naughty in nature and always try to anxious their elder but elder always forgive younger by thinking that he/she is younger than me.

Siblings at different stages of life


As the sibling get elder in age, they realize the responsibility of family. It is not wrong to say that that are busy in their own life and family. But the responsibility of mother and father is pick up by male sibling. Sister also contribute in it in the limited way as she has to carry the responsibility of their own family. Sibling relation turn to next level and they are the responsible persons for their own families.

In this age of life, siblings meet at festivals or any any other family gathering programme like marriage, birthday or they meet each other after particular interval of time but they get in touch with phone and social networking sites. In this age, they are mother and father in their families and they have to care of their children’s.

When sibling turns 40 and their children turns 24, they are more busy in making the career of their children’s and also prepare them for marriage. The meeting between sibling are rare at this point of time because they are a very busy in their children’s career development.


When siblings become older in age and turns 60, then the meeting between the siblings are near to none because they are extremely busy in their family. Actually they got trapped in their family relation and have no time to meet each other. They also have to care themselves because as in old age, they are at the risk of chronic diseases.

The sibling relationship turns from one age to another stage of life. However, sibling relation is pure, simple and responsible in nature. The relation have an instinct to give their life for each other. This is the very close relationship in this world.

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