Unemployment in India

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Unemployment is a situation when a person is not employed, which means a person is not working. In present, unemployment in India is the biggest problem. Problem is that in India, there is a craze for government jobs as it is referred to as a safe job.

Private job is considered as not suitable, no job security, more work pressure, and less pay. Whereas in a government job, job security and also facilities like health, incentives are good.

Promotion is fixed and is time-bound. But there is a lack of opportunity for people as they have to crack exams for getting selected for this dream job.

A person having sufficient qualifications is not getting a government job because there are not enough posts and also there are overqualified persons fighting for the same job.

Unemployment In India

I have heard of a situation where an MBA professional was competing for a peon job. For a single post, there are lakhs of candidates competing and competition has become tough now.

So, it has become difficult for an average person to compete and grab the job. This is leading to disappointment in the young generation and an increase in tension due to family and societal pressure.

Unemployment in India is leading to several different consequences for our youth generation. They are getting stressed, depressed and it is causing them to go in the wrong direction involving the risk of their life. It is a major problem which India is facing.

Now there is a gradual shift in the mindset of people and now people are going in private jobs also. IT industry has come up as a big industry and is giving employment to a large number of people.

Unemployment In India

Although there is no job security, not enough facilities, people are getting good pay by switching different IT companies. Also in situations like recession or present COVID condition, this industry is facing layoffs that are creating problems for the people employed in this industry.

But then also, nowadays, these private companies are organizing exams for recruiting employees. And if they are not taking exams, then they are only taking experienced employees.

This is again creating barriers for an average person because they are crossing half of the age limit in preparing for government exams and after getting defeated, then are trying for private jobs.

But this limit is giving backfire to the desire of getting a job in private companies, as they have to fight with crores of freshers coming to this industry, also not getting enough attempts to crack the exams. Again, after being defeated in this painful journey, it is creating a depression in youths.

Unemployment In India

In the present condition, youths who are still alive after facing this many tortures in life are finding new ways of employment like entrepreneurship, business, etc.

In this new path, the first challenge they are facing is the resistance of their own family because parents want the best and easy life for their children and they think this path will be difficult and will not give a comfortable Problem to their child. If somehow, they are able to succeed their parents, then they have to face society resistance who is ready to prove you wrong in every single step.

Also, youth are getting discouraged because they are not sure of the time in which they will succeed, prove themselves. Some who succeed will become an inspiration and many who fail will vanish from the society fighting with their fate.

Also, there are various bad elements in society, which are taking students on the wrong path as they are unsecure and frighten about their future. They are brainwashing students which is leading to the end of their lives.

Unemployment In India

Also, there are elements that are cheating students by taking their money and assuring them to give them a job. Students, in the dream of a job, are giving money and are again getting disappointment in return. I appeal to students to not go on these paths.

I am writing this blog because I have closely observed this feeling and want to create awareness in the young generation that whatever path you choose like a government job, private job, or self-employment, you are not alone.

In India, there are crores of youth who are unemployed and are finding ways to get money so that they can stay alive, bear the responsibilities of their parents, family, and can succeed as a child, parent.

So, don’t feel alone and fight with your fate as much as possible to change your situation of unemployment in India. Sitting idle with disappointment or ending your life will not solve your problem. You have to be positive, struggle with the situation to win, and believe that we will surely win.

Unemployment In India

“Unemployment in India is a disease which can be cured”