21 Volunteer Ideas from Kids to Adults for their perfect development

As we all know the phrase “Children are the blessing of God”. They are the most precious gift given by God to humans. “Kids are always kids for parents”. They are responsible for their parents until they get matured. It is necessary for parents to volunteer their child and their activities for their future development. The volunteering process is different for different age groups from kids to adults until they get matured.

Let’s jump into the volunteer ideas for different age groups of kids for their perfect development.

Volunteer ideas for infants (aged 0 to 7)

Volunteer Meaning
  • Starting with infants, monitoring is a must for their physical and mental development. Parents need to take care of the health and hygiene of their children. Infants need extra care because they are very delicate, cannot speak or express their problems, and are more prone to infection.
  • As we all know, 90% of brain development happens within 5 years. Proper space and environment should be provided to the child to make their learning easy.
  • Encourage your child to play with other kids of the same age. The more social your child is, the better their development will be. Playing with each other will not only strengthen your child physically but will also make them emotionally strong.
  • A proper diet is also a major factor in the development of infants. Include nutritious food that contains calcium, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fats in your kid’s diet for their proper physical and mental development.
  • Include extracurricular activities in the daily routine, it will make your kid more creative and proactive. It also increases the curiosity of a kid to learn more and do things by themself.
  • Always encourage your kid when they put their effort into doing something. It not only boosts their confidence but will also make them think positively about the upcoming challenges of life.

Volunteer ideas for Tween (aged 8 to 12)

Volunteer Meaning
  • At this age, the child learns how to complete work together as in school they will be given group tasks. They also learn how to believe someone and help others. Parents should teach their children to never trust anyone blindly. Also, they should teach their child about the danger they can face like the uncomfortable touch, the wrong intention of somebody which can be relatives.
  • This is the time when they will make new friends. Parents should monitor their child’s activities and check whether their friends are good or not. They should teach their child about right and wrong habits. In this age group, parents should aware of their child about the physical, physiological changes that are happening or will happen in their body as they are reaching puberty.
  • In this age period, parents should teach children manners or athletes. They should be taught how to respect elders and how to love younger ones as it will be reflected in their way of talking and activities and will build their nature for a lifetime.
  • At this age, children become demanding. They always demand things that their friends have. Parents should have the ability to convince their children and control their willingness by fulfilling only those requirements that are necessary and they should teach their children about the necessity and importance of money.
  • If a child gets trapped in small trouble, parents should leave their child so that they can learn to overcome it by themself. When they will face the problem and solve it by themself, it will boost their confidence and strength. And if they fail, then parents should encourage their child to take it in a positive way as a lesson of life and try hard again next time as winners are only those who never stop trying.

Volunteer ideas for Teenager (aged 13 to 17)

Volunteer Meaning
  • “Bad associations always have bad effects”. At this age, parents should volunteer their child’s friend circle whether their friends are right or wrong as it will directly affect their future if they befriended the wrong person. They should be taught about the importance and proper usage of money.
  • In this time, some adultness sign shows on the child’s body and attraction towards the opposite gender happens. Parents should teach about it and guide them in the right way. At this age, parents should become friends with their children so that children should feel comfortable sharing what they have in their minds and they can discuss this topic smoothly.
  • Children always dream of big things. They always try to become like the ideal person they follow. For this age group, it is the responsibility of parents to aware of their child of the difference between the dream life and the real one. Parents should also aware of their child about the harsh realities of life to ensure that their child take the right decision in their life considering the realities of life.
  • This is the right time for parents to teach/guide their children about their careers. It is compulsory for parents to first know about the interest of the child and not put their decisions on them. Parents should understand that forcing something on their child can destroy a child’s life as, without one’s interest, it will be difficult for them to give 100% performance, and also it can ruin their life if they fail and taken wrong decisions.
  • Children show their talent and capabilities on various platforms at the schooling level as well as on other public platforms. It is the duty of the parents to boost their interest and help them in enhancing their talent. Also, parents should not load the child with their ambition of high score as it can overburden children and can be life-threatening for them if they fail. At this age, parents should ensure that their child should not feel lonely as they will be giving many competitive and entrance exams and parents should make them believe that their parents are always with them in every situation.

Volunteer Ideas for Adults (aged 18 and above)

Volunteer Meaning
  • At this age, adults always demand their parents for privacy or personal space. As they are in college now, the parent needs to be extra cautious in dealing with their child as they are grown up now to cross-question their decision. Parents should give them privacy or personal space but they should volunteer what they are doing, whether they are not misusing their privacy!
  • Adults think that they are mature enough that they can make their life decisions. Parents should support them in their decision if they are right and also guide them wherever they are wrong. They want to do their or work by themself. They try to seek out every problem in their way, parents should support their child in their decision and guide them whenever required.
  • At this age, after passing college or studies, your child will face the true reality of life. They will have to get a job to survive in this world. Some will get a job from campus, some will get after preparing a lot but there will be some who still will not get it. At this time, parents need to be patient and understandable enough to get their child’s problem and should help them in sorting out this. Parents should stand strong with their children at this time.
  • Also, parents need to make their children aware of the responsibility of the family. Parents should give them small responsibilities to realize it. When they will carry those responsibilities, they will come to know about the work their parents were doing till now and parents should hint them that they will have to take over these activities now.
  • Adults also want to choose their life partner by themself. At this time, parents should aware of their child and give their opinion about the quality checks, things they can consider while choosing their partner as it will be a lifetime decision for them and it will affect their future. They should guide them from their life experience. After your child gets married and becomes a parent, then this cycle will repeat again for their child and will repeat again for their coming generations.

“Every child is different from another. Parents should first understand their child, their capabilities, way of thinking, and then they should make a decision respecting their child’s emotions and sentiments. In this way, they will be able to perfectly volunteer their child and develop their future.”