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Happiness & Money

What is Happiness

What is Happiness

The enjoyment feeling that make us feel good, energetic, joyful, pleasure and satisfaction is called happiness. The things that make you happy are the reasons of your happiness. Being happy, keeps you away from various heart diseases, hypertension, depression and other fatal diseases.

What is Happiness? Happiness is all about positive psychology towards everything. You will not be happy until your vision towards the world is positive. Positivity boost your confidence and when you are self-confident, you will think and take decisions in the positive way and get success. Success makes you happy.

Family and friends provides emotional support that makes you emotionally strong, this helps to take right decision in our life.

“Emotional strength is more important than physical strength”

We work hard to meet our requirement and we want comfort and peace in our life. If you want to be happy in your life, always maintain balance between personal and professional life.

“Find it, explore it & feel it”

The secret to always be happy is to find the things that makes you happy and you have to take care of it.


Money is validated currency in the form of coin and notes that are accepted as payment for goods and services, medium of exchange and for trade purpose. Currency may vary from country to country. In this era, virtual type of money is introduced in the form of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Tether, Ripple, Ethereum etc.

In past, Barter system is used for exchanging the goods. For example if I want coffee that you have and you want tea that I have, then we exchange same amount of coffee and tea with each other. In this way I get coffee and you get tea. This type of exchange happens on each food items.

In twenty first century, you can’t imagine about life without money. Money makes the life simple, comfortable and suitable for living.

What is Happiness

“Money is the source of life”

Every person earn money to fulfil their requirement. Those who have lot of money, they don’t care it and those who have lack of it, they crave for it.

Money is the fuel for vehicle of life. Basic living requirement like food, shelter and cloth is fulfilled through money. Even relationship are also made on the basis of money. Before any marriage relation, families evaluate each other’s wellness in context of money.

Even some high profile marriages are done just for business extension, property extension and personal selfishness. The reason behind the happening of these type of marriages is only money.

Money not only helps you to live your hobby but also fulfills all your dreams. If you are a wealthy person, your reputation will touch the sky heights and you will be respectful among society.

What is Happiness

“As much money you have, that much powerful you are”

In the human life, each and every human are trying to gain money. Education, job and marriage all are roaming around the money. Money makes the education successful, without having money you can’t think about complete and quality education. We work at job for money. Some people do it for passion while rest of them do it only for money.

“Life is game and magic of money”

Is money & happiness related to each other?

What is Happiness

Yes, money and happiness are partially related with each other. You can’t buy happiness with money but you can create happiness with it.

There are some suggestions that helps you to be happy:

Plan your trips with family and friends, arrange social gathering, give treats and respect elders that helps you to feel confident, pleasure and happy.

What is Happiness? Happiness is the feeling that you can’t bring it by money, it is a natural feeling. Helping others is a good way to be happy. It not only makes your mind flexible but also gives great convenience and make you feel happy.

What is Happiness? Donation is another way to get happy. Donate things that you have in excess or waste to those who really require it. Those who receive that things will bless you. Blessing really works. The feeling after donation is unexplainable.

“Help & Donation are the golden keys to unlock the treasure of happiness”

Sociality or social connections is another way to be happy. Talk to your friends, share you views and give suggestions, all these things make you feel confident and stronger from inside.

What is Happiness

As we all know, persons who reach the top of their career and achieve success are actually alone. They have lots of money but don’t have anyone to share it.

“Family and friends are the real cause of your happiness”

For happy life, people should earn so much money that not only meets the need of his family but also give happiness.

“Happiness increases with sharing”

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