Life, Love & Relation

What is Life

Existence of human being on Earth to perform task, to play responsibility and live their world as a festival is referred as life. Life is the story of learning from mistakes, achieving goal and always be happy. Life explains how beautiful it actually is.

“Knowledge is the soul of the goal”

Achievement provide experience and enhance knowledge

What is life? The unexpected occurrence of things in the world is another face of life. Each and every moment is mysterious until it happen. Each living thing like human, plant and animal all love to live with freedom.

What is life? Aim, hope, expect and intention are the driver of human life. Life start when a child get birth. With the birth, expectations of parents also begin. As the child reaches the teenager stage, their parents expect good merit results from the child and also suggest to set the aim for their life.

Teenager also work hard to meet the expectation. When teenager grown upto youth, their parents hope that their child will get the better career and future. Youth’s dedication towards the career leads to well settled life. Youth is enough mature to feel the emotions leads to fall in love and get married. In this way, love and relation enters human life.

Marriage is beginning of new life in which two people live together and share their feeling, views and emotion. It also bring great responsibility of each other and family. But a question arises to whom to get married? If you want to choose partner, choose one who can play your and your’s family responsibility without any burden feeling.

While choosing a partner, you have to think not only about your love who will play responsibility of your family but also about your parents who played your responsibilities till now. After that, they will become mother and father and get children and life continues…

“Children can understand their parents only when they will become parents”

Life is based on love & relation. Love & relation give meaning to life

What is Life

What is life? Life is the best teacher. With time, life teaches you each and every lesson in detail. It’s all upto you how early you learn it and implement it in your life.

“Never repeat mistakes & always learn from mistakes”

What is life? Brutality is the another face of the life. Everyone has to fight for their right in this world.

“Your family is the only entity who cares about you”

Life have different paths. Wrong ways come to an very bad end. ‘Always follow the right one but should know which path is right one’.


What is Life

Love refers to the feeling of strong attraction and emotional attachment. Love is complete dedication to one you like.

“Nothing is pure like love”

Love means acceptance. If you love anyone, you never try to change your beloved, you accept your loved one as it is.

Do you people believe in ‘love at fight sight’? I didn’t. I think, that feeling is just an attraction towards anyone. Love happen when you have strong curiosity to know someone’s life, like & dislike, feeling and sentiments.

What is Life

“Lovers are always good friends”

Love can happen anywhere, with anyone and at anyone. You can’t choose anyone to love to. All the things depends on fortune.

Sacrifice is another name of love. If you love anyone , you may have to sacrifice many things for your beloved’s happiness. May be you have to let your beloved go for their happiness.

“Love is of one type, there are different ways to express it”

I heard that love is blind. I don’t think that it is too blind so that it doesn’t differentiate between true love and fake one.

“Those person are fool who only know about real feeling but don’t know the difference between real and fake”.

You never measure someone’s love about you, you only feel it.

When two person love each other, they are bonded in a relation.


What is Life

When two person decide to live together and share their happiness & problems, help & support each other, play responsibilities towards each other, take care of each other and fulfilling each other requirement. These togetherness is referred as relation.

Marriage gives legal rights to relation.

Relation is not only limited upto marriage. ‘Live in relation’ is now trendy amongst the world. But in our society, people does not take it in respectful way.

“Relation is only meant when their is love in between”

When couple live together and their relation is only limited upto requirement, money, other needs and there is settlement in between their relation, then it is not love, it is something else. Some marriage couple are even confused that whether their is love between their relation or not or they just carry follow their relation.

To remove this type of confusion, parents organise pre-marriage meeting, allow conversation, family gathering and face to face conversation for couples to understand each other. Marriage relation is not only building relationship between two people but also develop relationship between two families.

What is Life

For a successful married life, both the people have to understand their responsibilities towards each other and also towards each other’s families.

“No marriage will successful without compromise”

We have to keep one thing in our mind that everyone love to live with freedom. When both husband and wife respects each other’s freedom, limitation automatically get removed.

“Acceptance is the key of relation

“Freedom is the soul of relation”

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